Welcome to TiffanyDomena.com!

I’m so happy you chose to stop by!  Unlike my other sites, How To Entrepreneur, Money Growing Mom, Healthy Living Mom, Kingdom of Heaven Ambassador, or Survival Gamer, this site is where you can get to know me, my family, my goals, and my achievements (personal and professional).



Tiffany DomenaI am a military veteran, business owner, mom of two, wife, author, and internet marketing consultant.  I have multi-faceted interests and motivations to help people, so I started several sites to encourage people in their various paths.  My passion is to encourage people to reach their highest potential, so in January 2017 (when my baby girl was 4 months old and I was homeschooling a 10-year old!), I founded a Lifestyle Improvement company called KOHA Inc.


KOHA stands for “Kingdom of Heaven Ambassador”, which is the first website I started, but also the first mission I felt assigned to.  I saw myself helping others usher their destinies as an ambassador would help with foreign relations–representing their company and intermingling its policies with another.


As with all KOHA Inc. sites, here at TiffanyDomena.com, I want to challenge, encourage, and inspire you thru my ups and downs, my achievements and imperfections, I want you to maximize your life potential.




In his book, Destiny, Bishop T.D. Jakes asked, “Could it be that we allow the conditions in our lives to distract us from the meaning of our lives?” .  I think we do!


I want to help people shift their paradigms so the conditions of their lives don’t distract them from the meaning of their lives.  We all have obstacles, quirks, and imperfections; yet we still also have meaning, destiny, and potential.  I don’t want to see the grave get any richer!  I’d like to see more people who are conquerors, overcomers, resilient, unstoppable despite what obstacles life may throw at us.




The goal of TiffanyDomena.com is simply to challenge you, to let you know you’re not alone going thru the ups and downs of life, and to allow you to share ideas, thoughts, and encouragement with an ordinary person (like I consider myself to be).  Sometimes, we just simply need a place of challenge, comfort, and refuge, and I’m hoping to establish friendships here that open the way for us all to experience challenge, comfort, and refuge at TiffanyDomena.com.


If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Tiffany Domena