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If you’d like to discuss your business goals and devise a strategy that’ll work for your business, put me to work for you!


Marketing Consultant San Antonio | Why Hire Me?


If you have a business, it’s likely you’re providing a solution that requires skill and time.  It could be a real estate business, a law firm, a medical practice, a restaurant,  or some other very crucial service to the community.  Regardless of what the business might be, they all NEED marketing to get leads and sales.


Some entrepreneurs don’t like to do marketing, and some even hate it.  Despite their opinions, marketing has to be done to stabilize a consistent customer base, but not all businesses need a marketing person on staff.


When you hire a marketing person as an employee, you have:


  • Added legal responsibility
  • Added payroll expenses
  • and, Increased training and supervision demands


You may know you need marketing support, but you don’t want to do it yourself, and you don’t want to hire an employee–that’s where I come in.


I’m a San Antonio-based Internet Marketing Consultant that LOVES what I do.  I love:


  • Listening to entrepreneurs and their visions to change the world as we know it by creating solutions and orchestrating collaborations to bring them to fruition
  • Taking the vision they have and using my skills to help them push it forward
  • Using the internet to tap into a pool of 4 billion active users — 46% searching for a local business solution
  • Devising suitable marketing strategies that drive Key Performance Indicators like revenue, sales, and brand awareness thru the roof!
  • and inspiring others along the way


If you’ve ever met a professional who lives, eats, and breaths their profession, that’s me.  I love Internet Marketing and how effective it can be to impact people, make change, and grow businesses.  As a result, I offer services to local San Antonio businesses and those all across the world.


Marketing Consultant San Antonio | Some services I can Provide


  • Meet up live and in-person
  • Discuss business needs and solutions
  • Devise a suitable Internet Marketing Strategy to achieve KPIs
  • Implement and manage the execution of your Internet Marketing Strategy
  • Provide analytics and reports so you stay in the “know” of what’s going on in your Internet Marketing Strategy
  • Implementation of keyword research, search engine optimization, brand management, pay-per-click advertising, content writing, copywriting for sales pages, website design, and social media management


Marketing Consultant San Antonio | My Background and Resume


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marketing consultant san antonio


Marketing Consultant San Antonio | My Location


I operate out of my home in the Lackland AFB area.  I typically meet clients in a location convenient for them to discuss ways we can most effectively drive their businesses to optimal results.

Marketing Consultant San Antonio | How To Connect With Me


I like to schedule a preliminary consultation with my clients (virtually or in-person) to ensure we are a good fit.  In the consultation, we can discuss your needs and evaluate how I can best help.  To begin orchestrating a plan for your business with my help, the first step is to contact me by:


1. Phone

My office phone number is 210-564-7749.  I can be reached during business hours (Monday thru Friday 0900-1700).  If you’re unable to reach me, please call back or give me a chance to return your phone call.


2. Email

My email address is  You can send an email inquiry with your name, email, phone number, and potential services you’re interested in.


3. Completing the Contact Form Below

The contact form below may be the best option for contacting me.  It’s very simple for me to access inquiries because they’re forwared directly to me.  If you complete the contact form below, I’ll reach out to you very shortly (usually in less than 2 business days).


Contact me and we discuss marketing solutions for your business!

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