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About My Lifestyle Improvement Brands

As an Internet Marketer, I love serving entrepreneurs thru my DIY training and my done-for-you marketing services; however, I feel a passion to encourage others that extends beyond my core services.  I offer this encouragement to others thru my brands.


These brands also serve as a professional website design portfolio because they can give you a glimpse at my writing style in various niches (if you’re considering my content writing services), they also let you see my graphic design abilities, and you can see my web design abilities.


I’ve built each of these sites from the ground up and until I ramp up my team, I’ll be the primary content writer, which is why very few of them get regular love and attention. How to Entrepreneur is the site I work on the most.


The Mission of My Brands


In 2017, I founded KOHA Inc. a lifestyle improvement media company.  I saw different markets I wanted to serve: entrepreneurs and personal development enthusiasts.  I wanted to:


  • Encourage people to become financially independent
  • Help entrepreneurs start and scale businesses
  • Inspire families to live healthy, fit, and fulfilling lives
  • Empower people to develop their Christian Lifestyle
  • and, let as many people as I can in my lifetime be inspired to reach their highest potential–Don’t settle


I knew creating one site that spoke to all of the niches I wanted to serve may be ineffective, but I knew if I started the sites, doing as much as I can to add value there, I’d be able to grow my team of writers and encourage more people with time.  When you take a look at my sites today, you’ll see they are still in their early stages (in comparison to where I plan to take them), however, with your support of my business, we’ll be able to grow a team and reach more people with these brands.


professional web design portfolio


The Brands 


KOHA Inc. is the parent company of several brands: some for-profit and some non-profit.  Some of the brands include:


KOHA Global – Our Nonprofit Media Division.  The trademarks include:



KOHA Inc. For-profit trademarks include:



My Vision 


Hopefully, perusing these sites can let you see websites as different stages of development, a peak at Internet Marketing skills I have, and give you some ideas for your own business.


My vision for my brands is to develop them into authority sites that serve as resource centers for each niche audience.  I definitely have work lined up for me, but with a team (including patrons, employees, vendors, and community support), I’m sure the vision will be accomplished.


Interested in Collaborating on My Brands? 


If you’re interested in collaborating thru sponsored posting, guest posting, advertising, media interviews, or some other Idea (maybe I haven’t considered), fill out the contact form below.

Check out My Lifestyle Improvement Brands...

tiffany domena

I've founded several brands with missions to inspire peak potential.  Here's a little about each:

  • KOHA Inc Lifestyle Improvement Media Company | The Parent Company of all of the brands and my Service Team | VISIT HERE
  • How To Entrepreneur Promos | Helping businesses get custom promo items for their business branding needs | VISIT HERE
  • Kingdom of Heaven Ambassador | Inspiring peak potential and leadership in Christian lifestyle | VISIT HERE
  • How To Entrepreneur | Guiding entrepreneurs from concept to enterprise | VISIT HERE
  • Money Growing Mom | Inspiring long term wealth and sound personal finance | VISIT HERE
  • Healthy Living Mom | Leading a movement towards healthy living | VISIT HERE

Discover my Blog on Entrepreneurship and Lifestyle Improvement

Stay up to date with the latest tips & tools for Internet Marketing and Lifestyle Improvement.

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