January 2018 Results and 1st Affiliate Income Report: Did I Make More Money, Slash More Debt, and Grow in Character?

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If you’re here, you’re following the journey of my life.  These posts are completely personal.  They are not cause-based.  This site is where you can get to know me.  If you want a specific cause-based mission, check out my other sites:


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This site is where I chronicle my life as a 30 and growing work-from home business woman, mother, and wife.  It fills the cracks by sharing behind the scenes information that I can’t put on my other niche sites.


Without further ado, let me share the results I’ve gotten from my January 2018 goals…


January results


You may be a woman in business.  You may be a mom.  You may simply be inspired or encouraged because you see the challenges in my life: those I place on myself, and those that just seem to happen.


Whichever is the case, I’m privileged that you’re here and you’re reading.  There are so many other blogs and places you could be, but you choose to browse here.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


It’s the readers that make my blogging journey exciting.  I love being able to write encouraging words to others and challenge you to maximize your potential.


I know this post is a little overdue, but I want to give you my results from January, and how it all panned out.  I know I didn’t do my January goals post early in January, so I’ll probably skip February, so I can correlate more with the months.


  • Finish Two Audiobooks: Failed



I finished one and a half audiobooks.  Both audiobooks were very intriguing.  I use Audible and the library’s Overdrive app to get access to audiobooks.


Audiobook 1: Seven Figures in Seven Years



The audiobook by Michael Masterson on Seven Figures in Seven Years was very interesting.  It challenged me that I really can make seven figures in seven years if I implement a strategy.


The strategy that Masterson used was amazing.  He made $35,000 per year when he set the goal, but was able to make 7 figures in seven years.  You have to check out my post, Seven Figures in Seven Years: The 7-Step 7 Figure Success Formula for Side Hustlers and Entrepreneurs with Above Average Motivation.  I wrote about his strategy based on what I extracted from his audiobook.  Check out the post!


Audiobook 2: Destiny



I enjoyed listening to every part of the audiobook Destiny that I’ve heard so far.  The parts that have really made me think the most are the parts about prioritizing destiny.  He emphasizes prioritizing destiny so much in the audiobook.  Here are some great quotes from the Destiny audiobook:


  • “If you don’t invest in you, you’ll soon find that no one else will, either.”
  • “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”
  • “Destiny is not for comfort seekers. Destiny is for the daring and determined who are willing to endure some discomfort, delay gratification, and go where Destiny leads.”
  • “Will you bring life to your dream or will you allow it to die of neglect? It is absolutely true that you have a divine summons to fulfill, but it’s not automatic and it’s not guaranteed. You are the major player who must give yourself fully to the process of becoming.”
  • “But you cannot go through the Door of Destiny without passing through the Hall of Haters.”
  • “Don’t leave your God-given gifts unopened. Don’t leave this planet having missed the great opportunities God has for you. Rip off the lid of your abilities, tear into that box that is your talents, and use every gift God has given you. Devote yourself to fulfilling the unique purpose that is your destiny.”


Those quotes alone should get the wheels in your mind rolling.  They were definitely compelling for me.


  • Take Two Professional Development Courses: Passed


I took more than two professional development courses, and the classes I took this month have brought a higher return on investment than all of the internet marketing courses I’ve taken in the last three years!  It’s been amazing, but it didn’t come without one fail.  Let me explain…


Course 1: My Master’s Course on Business Finance – Failed


To be honest, I was enrolled in this course simply for the income.  The Veteran’s Administration pays for my classes and gives me a stipend for my living expenses since I am a military veteran who served more than four years and joined after 9/11.  The course did not deliver an immediate value, so I wasn’t highly engaged or excited to do the work.


The books were dry reading and the course had only written content–no audio or video.  Since the reading materials were so vocabulary-intense, I needed about 10 hours of my undivided attention to complete the reading.


Due to my schedule as a freelancer, full-time student, and side hustler, I needed to put my daughter into daycare.  With the changing weather and public interactions she was having at a young age, she got sick.  She brought the sickness home and my son also got sick.


I had two sick kids.  When one wasn’t sick, the other was sick, and collectively, I had at least one sick kid the whole eight weeks of the course.  In my previous post where I was telling you my goals, I said that I was already behind and trying to get caught up….Well, that didn’t happen.


I had sick kids.  Then, my daycare provider did not renew her license to watch children and State licensing shut her operations down.  When I didn’t have a sick kid, I didn’t have childcare.  It was a disaster, and made me reflect a whole lot.


I wish I knew what would transpire and that I would not have been able to get caught up.  I could have dropped the class, and possibly avoided a bad grade, or possibly paying the class back.  I always thought the sickness would subside, the daycare would be stable, and it seemed like all my presuppositions fell apart.


I’m really disappointed that I failed my class, but it wasn’t what I wanted to do anyway.  It was bringing in an extra paycheck to make my living style comfortable.  I decided not to sign up for University classes right now until life circumstances become a little more predictable or when I have a more stable fallback plan.


Being the primary caretaker of my kids, if anything happens, I have to be available for them (or, I feel the responsibility to).  I want to focus on things I can do amazingly well while being a stay-at-home mom, and not stress myself out about things that don’t work out well for my family.


Course 2: Billionaire Blog Club


january 2018 results

Billionaire Blog Club


Though I didn’t have time to do University level reading with my undivided attention, I was able to complete the courses in the Billionaire Blog Club.  I would sit my laptop on my kitchen counter while I was prepping my freezer meals.  I would take my laptop and watch the courses while my daughter was occupied playing with her toys.  I was so engaged by the classes and his amazing blog growth strategies that I stay tuned in.


I started using Pinterest with about 200 followers, no regular activity, 100 or so pins, and my pageviews was less than 1,000 there.  I’ll be writing a more thorough review on the Billionaire Blog Club coming soon on How To Entrepreneur.  Look at my pageviews now…


january results

166.9K Monthly Views!


166.9K monthly views is huge progress!  I definitely believe the strategies Paul Scrivs is teaching at the Billionaire Blog Club work.


However, I’m a personal development – aholic.  I like to research things and know every strategy, then choose which would be most comfortable for me.  I’m not in the same identical situation with any blogger whose teaching a course I see.


They may have more or less money, more or less time, more or less responsibility, so I cannot try to duplicate exactly what they are teaching because it may not work for me.  I see parts of what Paul Scrivs is doing that I love.  I love his Boardbooster strategy.  That’s a keeper!


I love his content curation strategy and how he chooses content that will attract traffic.  He’s a genius for that, and I’m keeping that in my pocket.  I love several parts of how he takes a 0 pageview website and takes it to 10s of thousands of viewers.  He definitely has a system that would work.


Also, how he explains choosing a niche was so helpful to me beyond words.  I think the returns on my action on that nugget are going to be immense.


If it wasn’t for him planting the seed, then someone else reiterating what he said, Money Growing Mom, How To Entrepreneur, and Healthy Living Mom would not have been born.  They would continue to be underappreciated gems mashed up on my Christian Lifestyle site Kingdom of Heaven Ambassador.


I implemented many parts of the strategy from Billionaire Blog Club, and I’m still testing other parts.


I want a system that works and a system I’ll enjoy at the same time!  I’m building a business I’ll love and get paid from–not simply a paycheck or a cycle of work I can’t stand.


Billionaire Blog Club was $199 for the lifetime membership since I was one of the first members.  The prices will change soon.  If you’re a blogger, you should definitely at least look at his free resources, and evaluate whether The Billionaire Blog Club strategy could work for you.  The blogger community is amazing, highly motiivated, and willing to do favor swaps.  Resources like what Scrivs has in the community alone are SUPER valuable for any bloggers journey.


The people who are willing to pay premium prices are a different crowd than those who always want freebies, and you can feel the difference when networking with his online community at the BBB.  You’re going to get thousands of golden nuggets regardless of where you are in your journey because Scrivs is a blogging genius with 13 hugely successful owned and operated blogs to show for it!


That course will yield me a huge ROI in the immediate future.


After I finished the courses that were available at the end of January, I got antsy.  I wasn’t confident in what I knew.  He was going to host a 0 to 10,000 pageviews 28-day challenge along with some other challenges with the membership, but I just couldn’t wait.


I told you in my previous post that I was planning to go from $0 to $100 in affiliate marketing.  That was my goal.  January 20th, I still hadn’t gotten close and I didn’t have ideas about how I should get close, so… I signed up for another course.


Course 3: Wealthy Affiliate


On the 25th of January, I was doing research about affiliate marketing.  I had a list of courses that I thought could help.  I was considering Michelle Gardner’s course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing for $197.  I considered Create and Go’s course called Six Figure Blogger for $297.  I looked at Ruth Soukup’s course the Elite Blog Academy that has raving reviews, but it doesn’t open until March.  Udemy (one of my faves for professional development) didn’t have many thorough courses on Affiliate Marketing.  I said to myself, “I need some ideas about how to increase my affiliate revenue quickly because the month is almost over!”


I was researching and researching, and reading review after review, and finally, there was a risk free offer to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, so I decided to give it a try.  It was literally a free trial offer that could stay free forever, so I thought I’d try it and decide on the other premium classes if this option didn’t answer my questions or give me new ideas.


Signing up for Wealthy Affiliate has been a hugely amazing decision for me!  They go beyond being a blogger into being an internet entrepreneur.  Many bloggers are telling how to create and promote content in blog posts online.


Wealthy Affiliate surpasses the content creation, content promotion, they add products like the keyword research tool, the hosting service, excellent customer support, amazing one-of-a-kind training on Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Customer Support, SEO, and paid advertising, then if everything else wasn’t enough, they also offer an amazing community.


I used to sit on my computer, creating strategies myself for how to grow my online business.  When I would run into an obstacle, it would take me hours, days, weeks, and sometimes months to resolve the obstacle because I was scrambling thru the free curated content online.  There is so much trash online since it’s fairly cheap to publish content.


Now, with Wealthy Affiliate, there are several successful internet marketers there that I can ping ideas off of.  If I go thru the curated content there, the tips are actionable, the strategies are tested, and the advice I’ve gotten has been useful.  Wealthy Affiliate has been an absolute blessing to me!


Pairing the strategy from the Billionaire Blog Club with Wealthy Affiliate will enable me to make my full-time income blogging very soon.  I can feel it.  I’m giving myself three months.  The worse case scenario is that I try my best, right?


For My Parenting Goals: Passed


I was planning to start Time4learning with my 10-year old, Jaelin.  We have been homeschooling for almost 3 full years now.  We were looking for a program that enables him to work more independently.  He didn’t really like the Monarch curriculum, so it took a lot of time for me to sit with him, and help decode what he was learning.  I can explain further in a Monarch review if I get comments expressing interest.


I will be writing a Time4learning review to let you know about our experience.  The Time4learning program is satisfying our needs right now.  He’s enjoying it, and progressing with the material, so I’m satisfied.  I also enjoy the savings (almost $20/month) from switching to Timed4learning.


For My Marriage Goals


The waves of sickness, the hospital bills, my work and loss of income, and my loss of income from school has made marriage a challenge.  We are both spending time in between the kids to work, so we haven’t had focused time to just enjoy one another.  Our conversations are about strategy, “how to pay this”, “how to take care of that”, and so on, so we haven’t had much “fun time” when the stress levels are low.


I’m trying to be mindful about how we haven’t had our friendship time, so I’m not raging at him due to our high stress situations, but sometimes that can be a challenge.


Pray for my marriage, my kids, and my life when you get the chance. 


We need God to open the doors to the people who need my story, my services, and my support.  When the people who need my help are found and they pay, then my family life will be better.  I know it’s right around the corner, but this business startup life is a huge test of faith especially if your cards don’t pan out where you start with a significant savings cushion.


If only I had the knowledge I have today some years ago…but, I did the best I could with what I had at the time, and I am continuing to do that today.


For My Character Goals


My character goals weren’t so measurable.  I want to grow more secure in myself is what I said.  Growing in confidence is a journey and as I see my story and skills helping people, I will increase in confidence.  I’ve had more feedback about helping people in January than I have in a long time (maybe ever).


For My Business Goals


I’ll be honest, I have been moving so fast, I haven’t been tracking each step.  I achieved more than I wanted with my blogging business, but I also lost my main freelance client, so I felt the pressure to pour everything onto my blogs.


I created 4 websites, I rebranded myself and Kingdom of Heaven Ambassador, I created one to two posts daily rather than my goal of 3 weekly.  I stayed up at night, woke up early, and worked during my one-year old’s nap times.  I’ve been determined to share what I have and find people who need what I have.  That’s the basis of my formula and I’m getting better at it.


My website traffic increased from 25 pageviews per day to 220 pageviews per day (as of yesterday)!  The increase in traffic and shares is reassuring that my articles are helping people.  I’m trying to be more helpful and more helpful, and your feedback helps me with that, so leave comments.


To get my traffic up, I did these things:


  • I retrieved my articles I lost when I switched from Hostgator to Bluehost.  I had been calling and calling to Bluehost to find out how to transfer my articles.  They kept sending me tutorials via email, but it seemed so complicated and time-intensive to me.  I ended up calling desperately to Bluehost and saying, “Can I pay somebody to transfer my articles?”.  Then, they said they could.  Bluehost charged me $150 for the migration and it took about one week!  I didn’t realize how bad the customer service was until I switched to Wealthy Affiliate.  It’s like comparing the water company’s customer service to a high-end restaurant.  It’s like night and day.  I don’t know why Bluehost has so many good reviews.


  • Switched hosting from Bluehost to Wealthy Affiliate.  They have a SiteManager feature that tells you things you need to do to improve your Sitehealth.  That feature helped give me direction on how to improve my site rankings and traffic.  I geared my blog tasks towards their Sitehealth advice.


  • They were the second training course that pounded the blog niche advice.  Many other courses tell you about blogging for passion, so they don’t focus on how the reader may not appreciate you pouring all your passion projects into one project.  As a result of the advice from Billionaire Blog Club and Wealthy Affiliate, I created all of the niche specific sites, and divided the content from the Christian Lifestyle Blog into personal finance, healthy living, emergency preparedness, and business, I think that contributed in a positive way.


  • I started implementing the Pinterest Strategy from Billionaire Blog Club and increased my referral traffic from Pinterest.


  • I posted in Facebook groups


  • I started paid advertising with Bing Ads and sampled one campaign with Pinterest


  • I hammered out quite a few articles.  Check the sites, I was busy. The Wealthy Affiliate SiteContent feature lets you set writing goals, and track them in their console.  The unfortunate thing is they only track what you write directly onto SiteContent.  Posts I wrote directly into WordPress are not counted, and I’ve done that quite a bit (like I’m doing that with this one).  I’ve habitually written in WordPress for awhile, so it’s a challenge to get used to using SiteContent.  Sitecontent has amazing features especially the 1 million+ photo gallery and the goal tracking.


  • I wrote some articles directly into the Wealthy Affiliate Sitecontent site because I can write for all of my sites from there, then publish them to whichever blog I want.  It makes it very easy to manage more than one site.  My 6 month goal was 60,000 words, but that may not be a big goal for me because you can see I did 20,000 since I joined on January 25th!


january results

Did I Make $100 from Affiliate marketing? Failed


I started to see the light of my affiliate marketing efforts in February, and I completely missed having a goal setting session at the beginning of February.  My goals from January kept me busy on top of the life changes that took place.


I sold and shipped 3 items from Amazon.  My conversion rate was something like 5%.


I sold one item from another affiliate.


I’ve started getting one referral daily to Wealthy Affiliate
for the last 3 days, and I’m waiting for that to convert into paid referrals (because they have a free trial).


Collectively, my work has paid me $20.00 in affiliate commissions so far…BUMMER.  I’m proud that I went up from $0 to something.  It feels good to have direction, to understand what needs to be done, and to know I simply need to scale what I’m doing up.


Now, I’m deciding whether to scale up by increasing my ad campaigns on Bing, adding campaigns into Google Adwords, trying some social media advertising, or focusing on getting into more Pinterest groups.  I know all of them will work and I’ll be scaling by doing all of them…one at a time.


Now that I’ve made some money and I started focusing on it in January, so it’s invigorating.  It feels like the sky is the limit.  I’m going to be on my grind and scale it up 1500 times to $3000 or more in the next 3 months, I hope.  Be on the look out!


For My Financial Goals: Passed Some


  • Slash my grocery budget by $100: Failed


I signed up for the Grocery Budget Makeover and I was looking forward to it.  My time was consumed by my business goals, and I did not actually watch all of the material as of yet.  I want to write a review after I finish it, but I’m not finished yet.  She has great ideas, but my focus was on making more money rather than saving money, so I didn’t complete the class.


Simply from my own discipline and cutting some “luxuries” (fruit rollups, ice cream, etc.), I saved myself $39.00 for the month.  I’m not that big a fan of cutting things I like though.  I’m more interested in making more money than cutting my expenses because my expenses are already very frugal.  You’ll see.  I’ll be writing on my frugal choices on Money Growing Mom.


Do 1 Side Hustle: Passed


I did try mystery shopping.  You can read about my experience HERE.  My blogging could also be considered a side hustle since my primary income was coming from freelancing at the beginning of January



Now you have it…my results from January.  Hopefully, you found my story encouraging.  We all  have our strong areas and our weak ones.  You can see some of mine, and how I’m challenging myself in the midst of them.  Challenge yourself despite your weaknesses, and see how much more you can achieve.


Now, it’s your turn…


What do you think I can do to improve my results?  Were you encouraged by any of the challenges or goals here?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.






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