January 2018 Goals: Slashing Debt, Making More Money, and Growing in Character

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January goals


I plan to do something a little different.  As a Christian Lifestyle Blog, I think it’s important not only to discuss spiritual matters, but to hold one another accountable on a practical level.


Accountability is missing in many areas of the church because acceptance and tolerance is being mixed with grace, but they are all different.  I plan to publically announce my goals and milestones to encourage you to make goals to keep goals, and to continually move forward: closer and closer to your destiny.  We each have a responsibility in the world; some way that we leave Earth’s inhabitants better than when we came, but only those who are intentional will fulfill everything they were called to do.  Let’s be intentional.


While I’ve heard much controversy about whether public proclamation of goals is a good thing due to scripture references like Joseph.  Let me explain…


In Genesis 37, Joseph was a young boy with several brothers.  Although he was the youngest brother, he began disclosing dreams he was having about all of his older brothers (and even his parents) bowing to him.  His brothers built resentment towards Joseph because of his favor with their father, and because of the dreams he was disclosing to his brothers.  At one point, when Joseph was sent to shepherd the family flock, his brothers plot successfully to sell him into slavery in Egypt.  While in Egypt, he was a slave for a wealthy man named potiphar, he became a prisoner by false accusation, and it took years before the story seems to accurately give justice and reward him for his integrity.



Many people in Christian circles use this reference of Joseph as a reason why they teach others that they should be careful who they speak to, and they should keep their goals in secret. Some people believe the moral of the story of Joseph is that you should not publically tell your goals in life because the enemy can plot against you and impede your progress.



On the other side, you have other great men of the Bible like David, Moses, or even Jesus who proclaimed publicly things like slaying a giant, raising men from the dead, or setting millions of people free from a nation without physical war.  I would say that public proclamation of goals is a good thing when you speak in confidence and true faith; not optimism.  It adds haste to your pursuit because you feel accountable to those who you share your goals with.  As a visitor to my blog, I look forward to hearing back from you as you hold me accountable to my goals.



With all that being said, here are my goals for January 2018:


Professional Development


  • Finish 2 Audiobooks


Right now, I am listening to Destiny by Bishop T.D. Jakes and Seven Years to Seven Figures by Michael Masterson.  With these books,  I am learning more and more the power of planning, the power of perseverance, and the importance on compounding.  Of course, the topics are all different: Destiny is on the pursuit of life purpose.  Michael Masterson’s book is on wealth accumulation.  Even though the topics are different, there are some common notes ringing thru them both: intentional living.  




While listening to the audiobook of Destiny, you can hear the level of responsibility we each should take for our lives.  Too often, we limit our potential by internal excuses.  We say “I can’t forecast that I would make $_______ dollars because…”, or “I can’t change careers because…”, and before we know it, all of our excuses have compounded.  When they are all piled up, we can end up somewhere completely different than the place God had placed as a vision in our heads.


Michael Masterson adds onto what “Destiny” said by mentioning the negative outcomes when there is no intention on the finances.  Did you realize people are retiring in their 20s and 30s simply from having intentions?  They are saving at 50+% of their incomes so they can amass enough wealth to live off of for the rest of their lives.  Their behavior takes commitment, sacrifice, and extreme intention.  If you want the potential of wealth, you have to have action.  It’s not as much about how much your paycheck is as much as how much your expenses are beneath that paycheck, and how much is your savings rate.


  • Take Two Professional Development Courses

  • Get an A, B, or C (at the lowest) Grade


I am in my Master’s program taking a course on Business Finances.  I am also taking courses at the Billionaire Blogging Club on Affiliate Marketing, Pinterest Traffic Generation, SEO, and overall blogging for business.


To be honest, I am not doing well in my Master’s course right now.  My son was sick for 6-weeks and getting consultations with various doctors was very time consuming.  When I would finish the consultations, I did not have the motivation to do my schoolwork.  Blogging for me is different.  I can be motivated at wee hours of the morning and late hours at night because it is something I am very excited about.  I see a pathway to help and motivate myself while also encouraging others, and I am excited to take this journey with you.




Whatever your career choice may be, it’s important to continue learning and getting better.  For me, I’ve chosen blogging, writing books, and encouraging people as a career choice.  My income can be $10/month or millions per month contingent on the information I’ve accessed.  Skimp on other things, but don’t skimp on learning.  Buy books, take courses, and learn your way to a great income, great savings, and a comfortable expense ratio.  


If you get behind (like I have on my Master’s class), get back up, and try again.  Analyze whether the classes are truly what you want to do, decide how they play into your life plan, and tweak your pursuit so everything can be coherent.


Seminars/Webinars: I typically sign up for one to two webinars or seminars (with Score or somewhere else) to augment my other professional development, but this month, I don’t have intentions on signing up for any.  I need to focus on accomplishing my other goals.




  • Try Time4Learning Homeschool Curriculum and get back on schedule


Currently, I homeschool my 10-year old son, Jaelin.  He has been sick for the last 6-weeks.  We were using the Monarch curriculum for his homeschooling.  We liked it for the most part, however, I still felt that I needed to be very involved.  I would like to assume some time back.



 Currently, we are spending 20 hours/week doing schoolwork; all of which I do undivided.  I would like to have more time to work, so a curriculum that he can do more independently would be nice.  If I could have 5 more hours…Also, payment is $42.95/month for Monarch, and I’ve been paying for two months without using the service.  When you cancel the subscription, you lose the records of all of your work for the year, your schedule, and how the curriculum is broken up to complete it by a certain date.  I have been holding onto the membership simply because I didn’t want to re-process the enrollment and figure out where we left off in the curriculum.  


I plan to switch to Timed4learning this month.  I would like to see if he is able to do the curriculum more independently.  I’ve reviewed the courses, the demo classes, and reviews online.  I like how you can start or pause the curriculum at any time, and it looks like a more interactive program than Monarch, so we will be trying it out to see how it works for us.


I use Google Calendar to track my schedule.  Since he has been sick, our schedule was completely off.  I was trying to let him rest and recoup, so I stopped pushing him when I realized the severity of his issue.  Now, after taking him to a naturopathic chiropractor, he is doing much better, and we should be able to go back to our schedule.




  • Read my Bible Daily and pay close attention to Discernment and Understanding


I want to improve in my communication skills with my husband.  I will only speak from my perspective out of respect for my spouse.  I am working on being a better wife; trying to understand when I should be silent, rather than when I should speak.  I am learning how to have healthy boundaries and how to enforce them.  


I plan to maintain communication with women who are admirable wives, so I can get ideas when my approach is not working.  I also plan to read my Bible and pray more for my marriage.  

  • Pray for myself and my Husband using the Power of a Praying Wife


One of my friends prays with me from time to time, and she uses the Power of a Praying Wife.  When she uses the prayers from that book and replaces the names with our husband’s names, it’s like an overwhelming peace comes over me.  We pray for our husbands work, his priorities, his fatherhood, and other areas to help them be all they can be.  We understand that we are their helpmates in the physical, but I am learning more and more the power that we have when we use spiritual tools like prayer.  I have seen where I can use prayer almost equally in power with words to his physical ears.  



Ladies, don’t underestimate the power of praying for your husband and children!


Character Development


  • Create Business Goals that push me out of my comfort zone


In my character, I am learning to be more confident and less insecure.  I have found that I undervalue my talents and my opinions due to insecurities I have not addressed.  I never thought of myself as being an insecure person, however, I am finding more and more that when I repeat my thought processes to good friends, they are sharpening me, and I am noticing my logic is tarnished by insecurities.  I have undercharged for my service SEVERAL times before due to insecurity logic.  I have also had paralysis from analysis under the excuse, “I don’t know if I can do it”.  Sometimes, it’s good to question yourself to ensure you deliver great quality, but in many cases, I have everything it takes to deliver quality, and I will shy away due to insecurity.  



I will continue to challenge myself to take on things that are not within my comfort zone.  Business is my greatest confidence booster and the place where I squash my insecurities most outside of my marriage and parenting.  I plan to add more business goals that will stretch my comfort zone this month (like this one–sharing my goals publicly).


Financial Goals


  • Slash my Grocery budget to $475/month


After reading the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey, I was pumped!  I saved my $1000 emergency fund, and now, I look at my debt and I know I can squash it gazelle fast.  Accordingly, I have to be really attentive to my budget, I have to make more money, and I have to pay as much as I can.


I downloaded the Everydollar app and I’ve been tracking my expenses like nobody’s business!  I was already a natural saver, but now, I have come up with even more ways to cut expenses.


I usually spend $575.00/month on food for my family of 4.  I am trying to spend $475 on food this month.  I’m not sure what I will use to cut my expenses yet, but I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from Erin Chase at Grocery Budget Makeover.  It’s also helped that I get one month of meal plans for $5.00 with grocery lists from 5dollarmealplan.com.  This has saved me tons of time and it always helps keep my budget when I have meal plans and grocery lists (especially when their made by a budget-conscious meal planning professional).


  • Try at least one additional side hustle


I read Michelle Gardner’s post, 70 ways to make 1000+ monthly.  She gives great ideas for side jobs you can do to earn an extra $1000.  


Like many others, I’m also trying to make more money.  I’m plan on sharing my pursuit to make more money here with you!  This month, I plan to find one or two side hustles to try this month. Of the ways Michelle listed, I am currently doing a few (freelancing, blogging, being a landlord, selling ebooks, and listing items for sale).  


I’m considering renting a room on AirBnB, but it may take time (that I don’t have) to get the room in a way I would feel comfortable to charge for.  AirBnB might be a good option to try another month.  I need a quick startup this month.  


If I can get my daughter on a consistent sleep schedule, I would try VIPKid again.  I tried before, but I didn’t do good at the interview.  Now, I’ve done more research to understand their expectations, and it could be worth a shot in the near future.  Even if I don’t do AirBnB or VIPKid this month, , I’m pretty sure I’ll try mystery shopping, and when I do, I’ll let you know how it goes.




I feel that my call as a writer and storyteller is to share my stories, to pour out what God is teaching me, and use my life to serve others.  The blog is a place for me to share my successes and shortfalls.  I see posts like this one as a place where I can be vulnerable in effort to challenge others to set goals and achieve them, improve your life baby step at a time.  We are all imperfect, but we should all be striving.  


I want to start making money from my blog.  Currently, I make my income from freelance digital marketing services.   I plan to do this by finding affiliate products and services that I love, you will love, and recommending them.  


I also plan to add webinars and courses onto my service offering after I begin generating traffic in excess of 10,000 pageviews per month and have feedback from my readers that shows their interest.  I want to teach things like budgeting, life planning, business planning, and how to launch businesses.  


Added onto my courses, I would like to host masterminds for entrepreneurs of various growth phases.  I would like to start my webinars in March and have my courses ready in case my brief webinars are not sufficient with the depth of information needed to help you.  


Let’s see how I do with getting more great content here and increasing the traffic from last month (165 pageviews) to 10,000.


  • Write daily

  • Publish 3 Posts


My blogging business goal for this month is to challenge myself to write daily and to generate at least 3 completed posts weekly.  I want to make daily writing a habit and clear more time to make this possible.


  • I want to make my first $100.00 from affiliate marketing


In addition to blogging, freelancing, and affiliate marketing, I want to try another side hustle.  I recently applied to be a mystery shopper site, and I plan to try it out this month.  I’ll be sure to write a post to let you know how my mystery shopping experience goes.


Now, you know my goals for January 2018.  I am hoping that sharing my goals with you encourages you to make goals.  Comment below and share your goals!

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