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Regardless of your path, pursuing entrepreneurship or the corporate ladder, it pays to have a well established reputation.  Hiring managers–whether customers or employers– want to know that certain qualities are there.


They want to know:


1. You’re resourceful

2. You’re committed to the company and you want your project to propel them

3. You have good ideas about how to approach the job or project

4. You have relevant experience (stories, case studies, a portfolio, or a gallery could really be vauable)

5. You’re a good time manager and you can manage deadlines well

6. You have a personal vision, mission, and purpose: you know where you are and where you’re going

7. You’ve worked out the logistics to perform their work

8. You’ve thought out potential obstacles and solutions

9. You’re inquisitive in a constructive way


10. You have an understanding of the business world


A personal website can serve as a portfolio to you, demonstrating your expertise, your reputation, and that you have an individual vision, mission, and purpose professionally beyond any job or project.  As a result, I recommend entrepreneurs and business professionals to create a website to distinguish themselves in the marketplace.


how to create a personal websiteMy Story



When I first started marketing online, I had no idea the exact role it would play in my life.  I didn’t know how to effectively use a personal website to establish a reputation, so I focused my attention on building business reputations.


Over time, as I studied personal branding more, I realized the most important reputation to build is your personal reputation–not one for a business.  When your personal reputation is well established, it transcends into any business or professional venture you do.


As a result, I decided to work more on my personal brand, introducing myself to more people, and serving them well.  This website serves as a component of that.


It’s Not Like it Used To Be


As short as 10 years ago, creating a website was more complicated.  You had to know coding languages like HTML, PHP, Javascript, or CSS, but now, all that isn’t necessary.  To create a website now, you simply need to have a hosting account, a registered domain name, WordPress installed, a theme, and time to put some content on there.  If any of that sounds foreign to you, don’t worry, this article will give you directions to complete each step to go from no website (or familiarity of making one) to a live website in minutes!


1. Create Your Account




Think of website hosting like digital storage.  All technology products need somewhere to store the digital files.  Online, the storage is called website hosting.


There’s several different hosting companies, but there’s no way around having a hosting account.  I use and recommend Wealthy Affiliate because they have the best value when you consider the entire suite they offer.  Plus, you can start free and migrate the free site to paid hosting once you see the value of the service for yourself.


No other hosting offers the free trial.  I love that.


2. Log Onto Wealthy Affiliate and Go To “SiteBuilder”


how to create a personal website


After you’ve created your account, you’ll want to log on.  Along the left side, you’ll see “websites”, then when you hover your mouse over that, a menu will extend.  You’ll want to select “Sitebuilder”.


3. Register Your Domain


Once you’re in the “Sitebuilder”, you’ll be asked ” What kind of website do you want to build?”.  You’d want to choose “Register a Domain”.

how to create a personal website


Then, you’ll be prompted to see whether the domain you might want is available.  Only one user can own each domain, so when you make this purchase, it’s your property–no one else can own it unless you sell it.


how to create a personal website


4. Install Your Theme and WordPress Onto Your Domain


After you’ve purchased the domain, you’ll need to go back to Sitebuilder.  This time when the you’re asked “What kind of site do you want to build?”, you’ll want to choose “On a domain I own”.


how to create a personal website

From the drop-down, you want to choose your newly purchased domain name, enter a title, and choose the theme you like.  Then, you’re ready to build your site, so click the button where it says “Click here to build this site”.


how to create a personal website


It’ll seem like magic because SiteRubix (Wealthy Affiliate’s website builder) will make your website in less than 30 seconds!


5. Begin Adding Content


After you’re site is live, it’s time to start adding content.  The normal pages to put on a website are:


  • Home
  • About us
  • Services/Products
  • Contact Us
  • a Blog
  • Recommendations

You may want to take time to think about the content that you’re putting on the website because it can operate (building or tearing down your reputation) whether you’re present or away, so take your time to create valuable content that represents you well.


Inside your WordPress dashboard, you’d want to create your pages.  Wealthy Affiliate does a video training you should check out if you’re uncertain about how to add pages to your website.


how to create a personal website

6. Create an Easy-to-Navigate Layout


User experience is crucial!  If people can’t understand the flow of our website, they’ll bounce and may never come back.  Accordingly, you want to make the website easy to get around.  Content you know users are visiting your site for, ensure they’re able to find it easily.  This video training will help you set up navigation on your site.


7. Keep Adding Content and Engaging Readers


Lastly,  community can be built around a website–we see proof with social media and many prominent blogs.  Some blogs have thousands of comments on one single post!


I assure you, they didn’t start out that way, however, by engaging with each visitor who leaves a comment early on, you begin building a reputation, and people will return and bring others.  In the beginning, it’s difficult to get organic comments because you don’t have website traffic.  That’s why I love Wealthy Affiliate’s SiteComments feature that’s included when you created your premium account.


how to create a personal website


They operate the entire membership on a pay-it-forward basis meaning that you can go to SiteComments and offer comments to other’s blog posts in exchange for points.  Then, you can use your points to “pay” for comments on your own site.


Having comments really adds credibility, so Sitecomments is a very nice feature to help build the credibility on your site.


Final Words on How To Create a Personal Website


The goal of this article was to show how to create a personal website. If you have questions or concerns about this, don’t hesistate to leave them in the comments section.  I’d love to help you out!


Now, it’s Your Turn…


Have you created a personal website before?  Why or why not?  Leave your comments and questions below.


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