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Free Internet Marketing Training | Why Take Internet Marketing Training?


With the growing number of people buying smartphones and personal computers, internet usage is soaring!  Nearly 4 billion people use the internet, and a large percentage of those users rely on it for solutions to many day-to-day problems.


If your business was online, you could potentially drive thousands of customers to your products and services.  Unfortunately, there’s a learning curve and the information can be rather expensive.


free internet marketing trainingFree Internet Marketing Training | Not All Training is Created The Same


People are charging an arm and a leg to teach you breadcrumbs of information to grow your business online, and even worse, many of the programs are downright scams.  There are many components necessary to effectively market your business online including:


  • Website design
  • User experience
  • How to create content
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website monetization strategies
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Traffic Generation (including social media, SEO, and pay-per-click advertising)
  • and other things


Added onto the necessary training, there are tools, every business needs in order to implement an Internet Marketing strategy.  The tools include:


  • Web hosting
  • Feedback
  • Comments
  • Keyword research
  • Analytics
  • a Website Theme
  • and for more conversions, you may want additional tools


When you want to implement an internet marketing training and there’s so many confusing components, it can be very frustrating.  Many supposed “gurus” exploit the frustration of people eager to learn internet marketing and sell products and services they don’t need.


free internet marketing trainingFree Internet Marketing Training | My #1 Recommendation


In contrast to the “fake gurus”, I’ve found a value-packed program that trains you on all of the essentials of Internet Marketing AND includes the most necessary tools you’ll need to become successful at driving more traffic and conversions in your business–it’s called Wealthy Affiliate Internet Marketing Certification Course.


There’s millions of entrepreneurs who have gone thru the training and the community there is kind of like a social media hub, but it’s solely for entrepreneurs who want to implement an Internet Marketing strategy in their businesses.  Even as a person who serves others doing Internet Marketing for a living, I still heavily participate in the community because it’s such a rich resource center, and many people there are making major advancements in their businesses.


Unlike many other trainings out there, this training enables you to test drive it out for free (even without a credit card on file).  You can keep your free account for as long as you’d like.  It’s not a free trial–it’s a lifetime membership; however, you’ll be limited to only view ten video training lessons towards the Internet Marketing Certification and there’s some other features that are cut out from free members.


Free Internet Marketing Training | What’s Included for FREE?


Regardless, the free membership is a huge value AND when you create your free account.  Included with the free account is:


  • 7 days of 1-on-1 coaching for FREE
  • 2 FREE websites
  • 10 FREE training lessons towards an Internet Marketing Certification
  • access to a community of 1M+ Entrepreneurs


free internet marketing trainingFree Internet Marketing Training | What Added Features Do You Get When You Got Premium?


When you first sign up with the free account, you’ll get a one-time 7-day offer to try out the premium membership for $19.  If you try it out, you’ll notice the added features are:


  • You can inbox any of the members
  • Premium hosting for up to 50 websites
  •  Weekly live training
  • 1-on-1 coaching
  • Inbox access to the founders
  • The entire Internet Marketing Training Certification
  • Premium-only trainings created by members
  • 24/7 Support
  • and more…


There’s no risk.  You can test it out for free, get a feel for the training, ask me as many questions as you like along the way, and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Free Internet Marketing Training | How Much Does Premium Membership Cost?


After the first month at $19, the premium membership is either $49/month or $359 per year (a 40% savings!).  Other internet marketing trainings that offer less value cost $199 or more to learn one component of Internet Marketing, and they don’t include hosting or the tools.  You should CHECK THEM OUT NOW.


I was paying nearly $380 for hosting with Bluehost without training, a community, or the others tools!  When I found Wealthy Affiliate, it’s been truly a gamechanger for my business, so I recommend everyone to at least test out the free training if you want to do your own internet marketing.  CREATE YOUR FREE ACCOUNT NOW.


If you’d like more hands on support with your marketing, then check out my done-for-you-services!

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