marketing consultant san antonio

Tiffany Domena | Marketing Consultant San Antonio

If you’d like to discuss your business goals and devise a strategy that’ll work for your business, put me to work for you! Marketing Consultant San Antonio | Why Hire Me? If you have a business,

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how to create a personal website

How To Create a Personal Website: A Step-by-Step Tutorial To Set up a Live Site!

Regardless of your path, pursuing entrepreneurship or the corporate ladder, it pays to have a well established reputation.  Hiring managers–whether customers or employers– want to know that

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January results

January 2018 Results and 1st Affiliate Income Report: Did I Make More Money, Slash More Debt, and Grow in Character?

If you’re here, you’re following the journey of my life.  These posts are completely personal.  They are not cause-based.  This site is where you can get to know me.  If you want a specific

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January goals

January 2018 Goals: Slashing Debt, Making More Money, and Growing in Character

  I plan to do something a little different.  As a Christian Lifestyle Blog, I think it’s important not only to discuss spiritual matters, but to hold one another accountable on a practical level.   Accountability

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